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Tilaknagar Industries Ltd.

Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited, the parent company of Tilaknagar Industries Limited, was promoted in the year 1933 by the visionary industrialist and leader Shri Mahadev Dahanukar respectfully and popularly known as Babasaheb Dahanukar. It was a pioneering effort that revolutionized the Indian sugar industry since it was an era when essential commodities, especially sugar, were highly priced due to lack of indigenous manufacturing facilities. Incepted for the production of sugar and allied products on an industrial scale, the company moved out of the business in 1987 following a Government policy directive that required all sugar businesses to be owned by farmer's co-operative societies. Instead, the company remained focused on the production of beverage liquor and industrial alcohols which began in 1973, only to improve and widen its liquor portfolio over the decades. Babasaheb Dahanukar, a staunch follower of freedom fighter Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, named the industrial complex as Tilaknagar in homage. The name stuck and lives on today as the producer of not only popular IMFL brands such as Mansion House and Senate but also industrial alcohols, chemicals, mineral water and sugar products. Sharing the vision and values of its founder, the Dahanukar family still remains chief promoters of Tilaknagar Industries generations down the line.
Learning the ropes under the steadfast and disciplined guidance of Babasaheb, his son Shri Dattatreya M. Dahanukar rose the the helm of affairs in the company assuming full stewardship in 1951. It was in his leadership that the non-sugar assets of Maharashtra Sugar Mills were moved under a subsidiary named Tilaknagar Distilleries to produce alcohol from molasses, a byproduct of manufacturing sugar from sugarcane. Armed with a rich academic upbringing and higher education at world famous institutes, Shri Arun Dahanukar grew into the organization spearheading its operations from 1983 onwards. Tilaknagar Industries possesses 15 owned and leased manufacturing units across the country. Although its predominant market is South India, brands under Tilaknagar Industries are beginning to gain increasing foothold in the northern regions as well. Apart from this Tilaknagar Industries also exports many of its 40 IMFL brands as well as industrial alcohol. Since 1991, Tilaknagar Industries, following an understanding with Altair, France, manufactures Courier Brandy, in its distilleries and distributes the brand in India.
Under the present chairman and managing director Shri Amit Dahanukar today, the company has built a robust portfolio of brands preferred by consumers purely on quality and price points. Most popular brands among them include Mansion House Whiskey and Brandy, Madiraa Rum, Courier Napoleon Brandy, White House whiskey and brandy and Senate Whiskey.

Liquor Cabinet

Whiskey Brandy Rum Vodka Gin
Mansion House
Mansion House French
Madiraa Premium Dark XXX
Castle Club
Savoy Club Gin & Fresh Lime
Senate Royale Courier Napoleon
TI Nigro He Mans XXX
Classic Vodka
Royal Choice Duet Gin
BLACPOWER MH VSOP Bonking Matured    
Senate Duchess V.S.O.P
White House Premium
TI White House      
Castle Club Master's Doctor      
Classic Shot OLP      
TI Bachelor Deluxe
TI Golden Chariot        
Royal Choice        




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