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Radico Khaitan Ltd.

Formerly known as Rampur Distillery and Chemical Company Limited (estd. 1943), Radico Khaitan Limited lays claim as one of the oldest truly Indian liquor producers. It was in 1972 that G.N. Khaitan, father of Lalit Khaitan who pioneered Radico's liquor story, bought over Rampur Distillery's loss making enterprise and turned it around. Today, it is the second largest Indian liquor company behind United Spirits and certainly the fastest growing one. With a present portfolio in whisky, rum, brandy, gin and vodka, Radico brands are sold in over 30 countries including Canada, South Africa, South-East Asia and United Arab Emirates.
In 1999, cable television screens across india splashed a TV commercial in black and white depicting soldiers across an international border bonding over whiskey. 8PM, the whiskey in the advertisement, marked Radico's foray into launching and marketing its own brands, for prior to 1999, Radico was a known name within the industry as a producer of extra-neutral alcohol and bulk alcohol for several liquor companies both domestic and abroad. This was in the works since 1996 when Lalit Khaitan and his son Abhishek realized two things. Firstly, that more scotch was consumed in India than bottled in the highlands of Scotland. And secondly, that there was no Scotch blended whiskey brand in India at a lower price range. 8PM soon became one of the most high recall whiskey brands in India. Earlier in 1995, the company had launched Contessa Rum and Contessa Whiskey, mainly sold at Canteen Stores Department of the Indian Military. In the same year, it had launched scotch whiskey brands 15YO, Findlater and WMSR in India in a joint venture with the Whyte & Mackay Group. However it was only after 8PM's success after 1999 that the company embarked on a period of phenomenal growth. Quite clearly, 8PM is Radico's flagship brand even today.
Radico's growth story was also fueled by major acquisitions and joint ventures in the last decade. In 2004, Radico purchased Bacardi's 51% stake in Whytehall India to add the Whytehall brand to its bouquet. It was followed by a Abhishek Khaitan's Las Vegas brainwave that it was vodka that had a larger market worldwide than whiskey, given its growing popularity with youngsters and women. That year, Radico launched the grainbased Magic Moments Vodka, first in North India, followed by the rest of the country. Not an instant success like 8PM before, Magic Moments came through in the long haul, earning the company more revenue today than even 8PM. In mid 2006, Radico announced production lines in the UK and Western Africa in two overseas joint ventures, the first among equals to do so, thereby consolidating its presence in the African and European markets. In August the same year, Radico Khaitan and Diageo entered into a 50:50 handshake, welcoming Diageo back into the IMFL market it had exited in 2001. The join venture bore fruit in early 2007 with the launch of Masterstroke Deluxe Whiskey in the premium segment with Radico covering the manufacturing and distribution bases and Diageo covering marketing.
The growth story continues with the launch of Morpheus Brandy and Carlo Rossi Wine in 2009 as well as product innovations and newer brand launches thereafter including Magic Moments Remix Vodka, Magic Moments Gin and the new stud in its whiskey cabinet, the 100% grain based After Dark.

Liquor Cabinet

Whiskey Rum Vodka Gin Brandy
8PM 8PM Bermuda
Magic Moments
Magic Moments
8 PM Excellency
8PM Royale Contessa
Magic Moments Remix
After Dark       Old Admiral




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