Tête-à-Tête with Pankaj Kamble by All About Daru’s Nupur Joshi.

We would like to know your first memory associated with concocting a Cocktail?

At the age of 19 years when he was studying in Bhavan`s College, he was introduced to a Mocktail called Skikanjvi by a close friend Vishal Saroj who was also a Bartender in training. This drink got him so fascinated that he became keen to know more about it which led him to discover a Mojito Cocktail.

He started training & also bartending at events with Vishal & where he discovered his love for concocting Drinks.

Ever since then, his basic rule of Concocting Drinks is that Lime Juice & Sugar syrup is a great base for so many concoctions.

The very first Cocktail made by him was a Diaquiri which had Old Monk, Lime Juice & Sugar syrup in it. Now isn`t this a unique mix for a Diaquiri !

What is Flair Bartending in your words? What fascinated you to study this?

Pankaj`s narration of Flair Bartending to Nupur started with a big fat grin on his face & followed by a serious answer.

His description of Flair Bartending says – Flair is not a single word & has to be clubbed with Bartending to add value & complete it.

People generally have a wrong perception of Flair, they think that it merely means juggling around some bottles!! But these skills are possessed even by a Circus juggler . The unique skill that a Flair Bartender possesses is flairing the bottles (these bottles are of the ingredients that go into the Cocktails) & ending the show with making a drink. In simple words “Tending the Bar in Style is what Flair Bartending is’’.

It is the visual interaction with a guest while his drink is being made.

Pankaj says that even Jeremiah (Jerry) P. Thomas known as the Father of Bartending did a bit of flair when he made a Blue Blazer Cocktail.

Tell us a bit about Flairology & how is this bar school unique?

Flairology bar school & events, is India’s top class professional bartending academy, A school where modern mixology training is provided with stylish operational skills, to make it much dynamic. The mixology studio at flairoloy is turned into a live bar theme, as the traditional desks are replaced by fully loaded bar counter, so each student gets a personalized counter for himself, as we believe that practical experience is as much important as theoretical knowledge, so that the students get hand on experience, and gain confidence, which is the most important factor in being a professional and stylish bartender. Courses at Flairology are designed by experts, to train the upcoming generation, keeping in mind the huge hospitality demand of stylish, efficient and innovative bartending skills. Flairology offers training given by world class bartenders holding Guinness World Records and National bartending Champions.

At Flairology Pankaj & Sachin`s only motto is “Reinvent yourself & share these new styles/techniques with fellow Bartenders. This is what the Flairology Bar school is all about!!

Your Mixology mentor is?

Pankaj being one of Nupur`s mentor was pretty shocked when he was asked this question … not because he has no mentors but because he has so many mentors that is hard to pin point one !!

His first mentor who introduced him & guided him to get into Bartending is – Vishal Saroj (his close friend & the first person ever who introduced him to his first love which is a Mojito) & second mentor is his college faculty Prof. Pritam Gupte .

Give us a brief about Flair Bartending abroad & in India?

Bartenders abroad are Innovative Mixologists & trends set by them on Flairing have now become new trends in India. In India there are very few Flair Bartenders. So here at Flairology he is training Bartenders with the skill of Flairing !!

So where all have your bartenders been, Flairing & demonstrating their skills?

Students from Flairology have been competing & even winning in Competitions since the past 3 years`. Competitions like Goa Tito`s Flair Bartending, Sky Vodka Global Flair Competition, Dream Flair Competition by Flairology & Hard Rock Café Competition to name a few.

How do you see the impact of alcohol awareness website such as All About Daru on social stigmas & misconceptions related to alcohol in India?

Pankaj starts with saying that “ you can`t stop people from drinking alcohol but websites like allaboutdaru can surely create awareness by teaching people to drink Responsibly, understanding it & enjoying it``

He feels that- Drink Responsibly, Don`t Drink & Drive, Good & Bad Effects of

Drinking are much needed topics to be discussed .

Rapid Fire:-

Your All Time favorite Cocktail? Mojitos

Your All Time favorite Bar in India & Abroad? Air Bar in Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai which has a great ambience & innovative Cocktails. Playboy Bar in London for all the Bunnys at the Bar who dispense very delicious Cocktails.

Favorite Spirit for making a Cocktail?Whisky

One place you have been yearning to visit? City Space Bar in Russia

Any pointers for the young & upcoming Bartenders/Mixologists? Pankaj starts by asking Nupur - How to make a Cocktail? Classics were created years ago… but how can you perfect the one? By adding… Love to the drink… Shaking or Stirring the drink with passion & serving with a Smile!!!


Director | Flairology Bar School & Events

Pankaj has been inspiring the flairology and mixology world for nearly half a decade. Creating cocktails that lift you up to another galaxy. A Guinness World Record holder and Flair Master, Pankaj has been a pioneer in spreading knowledge in the art of mixing drinks in style. It’s an art mastered by him with years of experience, travelling the globe, training and learning with the best in the world.




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