Alcohol has been one of the most favorite drinks of the mankind since 7000–5600 BC. In ancient India & Egypt alcohol was considered to be the drink of deities. The primeval Indian ayurvedic texts illustrate both beneficial effects and dire consequences of drinking along with alcoholic diseases. Today there are more pre-conceived notions & fallacies about alcohol where people are either indulging in binge drinking or completely abstaining. To promote awareness about smart drinking we have come up with a novel website- allaboutdaru.com which encourages people to make well-versed choices about alcohol. We uphold responsible drinking and promote understanding the art of drinking.

All about Daru is a one stop solution for anybody seeking any information on alcohol. We have a firm endeavor to keep our audience abreast of latest alcohol news, hotest events & finest watering holes in the city.

A unique blend of Booze wisdom, with a refreshing vacation, enriched with warm hospitality – that is what we offer in Allaboutdaru organized Wine tours. It is a pathway to freedom from hectic mundane and what makes it special is a warm welcome by Nasik’s inherited bounties of nature. To add some more excitement to it, Allaboutdaru’s mixologist will be taking you on a guided tour through leisurely spread vineyards, with grapes hung vines and fruity smell of wines. We at Allaboutdaru make sure that each and every member takes back a bouquet of experience, before he waves goodbye to India’s very own Napa Valley.


The Daru will start flowing soon – Stay tuned

There is a drink for every mood, and there is a mixologist in every drinker. We at Allaboutdaru’s cocktail chapters aspire to upskill our users to enjoy making their own drink. Learn the fun of making your own cocktail and making a cocktail for someone, your very own. Know a cocktail, do a cocktail, drink a cocktail is what makes life savoring. So let’s join hands to add spice to life with allaboutdaru’s exotic cocktails.

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From the distilleries in Scotland to the vineyards of Nasik, from the latest brewed news to the fermented Daru bits, from a congenial confab to high brow Q&A, Allaboutdaru takes you into the realm of knowledge and fun. You may be a beginner or a connoisseur, Allaboutdaru has something for everyone. We connect with a mixologist in you through our cocktail section and spot your thoughts with our Daru talk(s). Do you find your mundane chores bore? ¨C try out our wine tour. Explore these and much more-check what social spirits adore.Lets enter Allaboutdaru.com!

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