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With a strong identity of being one of the finest blends that the liquor industry in India has seen, the NV Group has been counted amongst the largest grain spirit distillers. Their portfolio of beverages has grown over 10 years to become something that nothing less than impressive. Chaired by Mr. Ashok Jain, the group has remained true to their smooth and mellow blends by use of strict quality standards and impeccable infrastructure with use of latest technological methods. Nowadays, the bigwigs of liquor industry such as Bacardi, Pernord Ricard, Belvedere and others have associated themselves with the NV Group. This has brought out newer and superior quality of distilled beverages.

Having been established since 1996, the NV Group has been synonymous with world quality beverages within a decade. Just as inside, the outer packaging is vibrant and lively. It makes a mark for itself. Utilizing the right resources and applying the right technique has given a consistent growth in both the investments of the company as well as the bulk of the sales. This makes the NV Group one of the leaders in the ready to drink beverage sector.

The wonder behind their success can be well explained with this single example. The NV Group has a modern distillery and brewery unit in Rajpura, Punjab. This unit has the ability to manufacture 120,000 litres of neutral alcohol daily. This is in tandem with a power- plant of 11MW, a malt plant with a daily capacity of 6,000 litres that also has a massive bottling facility as well as to be bottled in PET. Their success in achieving such productivity standards boils down to their resolve to uphold firm quality control and modern technology. Utilising a combination of automatic and semi-automatic machinery in their distilleries and breweries, the NV Group has catapulted to being a top distributor of wine and liquor products in Delhi. They currently boast a turnover of approximately 1.2 million cases of Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Beer, Wine, Champagnes on an annual basis. That is further expounded by the fact that they are capable of handling up to 2 million cases annually.

Beyond the domestic production, the NV Group regularly exports their products. NVJ Distributors in Namibia and Zambia is a name under which their brands such as Party Special Platinum Whisky, Party Special Deluxe Whisky, Blue Moon Vodka, etc. are exported. These brands achieved popularity rather quickly.

The NV Group has initiated ventures to further their brand. Park Inn hotel, one of their ventures, is a 5-star establishment with 55 rooms, 20 deluxe rooms, equipped with terrace pools, multi-cuisine restaurants, one of the best and well-stocked bars with the most splendid liquors. They have entered and established agreements of technical services with Sarovar Hotels and franchisee development with Carlson Hospitality on a worldwide platform.

Beyond that, they are in the process of establishing another 5-star hotel in Jaipur as well as in Goa with the best of the utilities.

Liquor Cabinet:

Whisky Vodka
Party Special Platinum Blue Moon


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