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Founded in 1992, Globus Spirits have come to be one of the market leaders of IMIL alcohol brands in North India. Catering to four segments in what they like to call 'the 360 degrees Way', the company delves into Indian Made Indian Liquor, Indian Made Foreign Liquor, bottling and manufacture of bulk alcohol. Keeping alcohol at the core of its business, Globus Spirits benefits from its years of experience in the business added with a penchant for innovation. It is one of the few companies to brand and promote its IMIL brands. In the IMFL category the company presently promotes thirteen brands and its variants in the whiskey, rum, brandy, gin and vodka segments with a growing presence across 9 states in India having only launched into the category in 2007-08. These brands are known not only for the quality of its blend but also for its packaging.

In Samalkha, Haryana, the company set up India's first distillery with grain processing capability in 1994. A second distillery unit followed shortly after in Behror, Rajasthan. Diversifying in 1998, the company commenced its bottling unit in Behror, the same year as it fielded its first IMIL brands in the Rajasthan market. The markets grew in number and size for these brands predominantly in North India, including the bubbling liquor markets of Haryana and Delhi. Its popular IMIL brands today include the razor sharp lemon flavored Nimboo, the citrus twisted orange based Narangi, and blended grain spirit centered Ghoomar and Heer Ranjha. A well oiled distribution system with an extensive reach along with value-for-money products are key to making Globus Spirits the clear market leader in the IMIL segment in North India. In the financial year of 2011-12 alone, the company sold over 7 million cases of IMIL in North India, which amounts to an unprecedented over 60% 
increase from the previous year. The company's imminent move into the IMFL category was heralded by Hannibal Legendary Rum, one of its core brands in the rum segment today. The launch of County Club, its flagship whiskey brand in 2010 in six states across India met promising enthusiasm from the markets. Some of its other IMFL brands to have hit the markets include French Castle brandy and White Lace Rum.
Having pioneered grain-based distillation in the country, Globus Spirits serves an impressive list of elite Indian brands as clients of its bulk alcohol production facilities. One of the few in the market to have fully integrated, completely streamlined multi-feedstock, i.e. grain as well as molasses based, distillation facilities, Globus Spirits is well known in the industry for supplying superior quality at lower prices. The company enjoys prosperous tieups with Jagajit Industries and ABD, bottling many of their key brands apart from supplying bulk alcohol.

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