Drink Smart

We all love getting drunk, acting stupid and drooling all over the place. But you see, there’s a limit to everything. Well, not everything, but there’s a limit when it comes to drinking for sure. We live in a world where every one of us knows someone or the other who was involved in a car or bike crash, often fatally. Therefore, it would be fitting for us to be responsible when we drink. Nobody denies the fact that one must have a good time once in a while, but overdoing it could have dire consequences, consequences that one might not always be prepared for.

It would make sense to codify this and give you a list of reasons to limit your alcoholism. While going through the list, please remember none of us at AllAboutDaru advocate teetotalism, naturally!

  1. You’ll need your liver later in life. Well, you need it now as well, and leading your liver to a slow and painful death isn't the best idea in the world.
  2. Long drives in the night are great fun, unless you’re influenced to the point where you’re capable of collapsing on the wheel. Blurred sight doesn't help driving either.
  3. Don’t you have work in the morning? How’re you going to work with that heavy head? If you don’t, what are you doing at the bar? Go look for some work.
  4. You don’t want to get into a bar fight. We've all seen a few in our time, and it’s certainly not the finest place in the world. You might feel the urge to be Robert De Niro at times, fight it.
  5. Alcohol is addictive, like a lot of other substances, no matter what Internet propaganda tells you. The quintessential drunk isn't a fictional character.
  6. There’s always the danger that you might trip over something or just bang into the wall. Don’t rule that out.
  7. Alcohol has a direct impact on your most important and largest organ, your skin. Drinking too much deprives your skin of vital vitamins and nutrients. So unless you want to end up looking like an ogre, drink away to glory!
  8. Bloating is directly proportional to drinking. Keep it in the safe zone to save your face and belly from ballooning up.
  9. Excessive or regular drinking can affect an entire lifetime. That includes professional life and relationships. Ever heard of the perpetually drunk husband? That isn't a fictional character either.
  10. The morning after can be hellish, not only as far as the pounding in your head and aching in your limbs go. Alcohol leaves your system through the liver, but often, it exits directly through the urine, breath and sweat. Add that to the bloodshot eyes and spots on your face and in all probability, it’s goodbye social life!

Even if these serious matters don’t matter to you, it would be pertinent that as a social animal, you’d be bothered about the society you live in. Excessive drinking can make thinking very cumbersome, and you talk what you think, so keep that in mind (Warning: In all probability, you won't be able to keep that in mind when you’re drunk). Nobody would want one night of enjoyment to result in a lifetime of regret.

There are some words of wisdom that we've gathered from the drunkards of the world on how to drink in a sensible fashion. Here they are,

  1. Drink lots of water and fluids in between drinks and after you’re drunk. Dehydration is a major issue when drinking.
  2. Small sips are your friends, large gulps, *hic*
  3. Always eat, eat and eat. Try getting your hands on food that’ll absorb the liquor. Remember the Bible; they ate bread with their wine for a reason!
  4. Choose your drinking buddies with care; bad company can lead to a bad outcome.
  5. Know your drink, if you’re a Vodka drinker, drinking Whiskey for the first time, go slow.
  6. Know your limits, there’s nothing worse than a loose cannon.

Drinking responsibly means being able to have a good time, so it makes sense to know your limits. There are men who can drink a gallon and stand still; then there are those who need to be dragged out after a pint, self-realization helps in these matters. If you want to test your limits, the correct way would be to do it at home and make a note as to how much you can handle and how much starts handling you. Drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, and for god’s sake, don’t be a menace to society.



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