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South Africa

The wine regions of South Africa were defined under the "Wine of Origin" (Wyn van Oorsprong) act of 1973. Mirroring the French Appellation d'originecontrôlée (AOC) system, all South African wines list a "Wine of Origin" must be produced  completely of grapes from its region. The "Wine of Origins" (WO) program mandates how wine regions of South Africa are defined and can emerge on wine labels. While several features of the WO are taken from the AOC, the WO is chiefly concerned with precision in classification. As a consequence, the WO does not place appendage regulations on wine regions such as demarcating allowed multiplicity, trellising methods, irrigation techniques, and crop yields.

The WO system split rising regions into four groupings. The principal and most general are Geographical Units (such as the Western Cape region) which consider the minor, but still wide straddling Regions (such as Overberg). Under these are bunched districts (like Walker Bay) and within them are wards (such as Elgin). Although these are geographic units, regions and districts are largely tracked by political boundaries (wards are the segment most defined by unique, Terroir characteristics).

Wine Regions


Bot River  Durbanville  Olifants River  Stellenbosch 
Breedekloof Elgin Overberg  Swartland 
Cape Agulhas  Franschhoek Paarl  Tulbagh 
Cape Point Klein Karoo  Philadelphia Walker Bay 
Constantia  Kwazulu-Natal  Plettenberg Bay  Worcester
Darling  Lower Orange Robertson  Wellington

Grapes Varieties

Barbera  Gamay Noir  Petit Verdot Sauvignon Blanc 
Bukettraube  Gewürztraminer  Pinot Blanc  Semillon 
Cabernet Franc  Grenache  Pinot Gris  Shiraz (Syrah) 
Cabernet Sauvignon  Hanepoot (Muscat d'Alexandrie)  Pinot Meunier  Sousão 
Carignan  Hàrslevelü Pinot Noir  Sylvaner 
Chardonnay  Malbec  Pinotage  Tempranillo (TintaRoriz) 
Chenin Blanc  Marsanne  Pontac  TintaBarroca 
Cinsaut  Merlot  Riesling  TourigaNaçional 
Colombar(d)  Mourvèdre  Roussanne  Viognier
Crouchen Blanc  Muscat de Frontignan  Ruby Cabernet  Zinfandel
FernãoPires  Nebbiolo  Sangiovese   


Popular South African Wines sold in India:

  1. By L'avenir Chardonnay South Africa
  2. By L'avenir Cabernet Merlot South Africa
  3. By L'avenir Pinotage Classic South Africa
  4. The African Horizon Pinotage
  5. The African Horizon Sauvignon Blanc
  6. The African Horizon Shiraz


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