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Although a relatively younger establishment in the fray, Som Group of Companies is one of the fastest growing liquor manufacturers in India with a gaining footprint in Central India. Based in Bhopal, the company began as Som Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. in 1986. Som Distilleries and Breweries Pvt. Ltd. Was established and incorporated in 1993 promoted by A. K. Arora and J. K. Arora. Its Bhopal outpost, a 156 acre manufacturing facility in Sehatganj Village houses one of the largest distilleries in India with a capacity of 22 lakh bulk liters per month. With brands of high recall and ever increasing sales, Som Group of Companies has more than carved a niche for its products which include beers as well as IMFLs. The current chairman of the group, J. K. Arora spearheads its growth and expansion plans.
In its cabinet it nurtures many big brands of the future including Hunter, Legend, Black Fort, Sunny Beaches, Twenty First Century and Grapine. Black Fort Premium Lager Beer won bronze in the Beer and Cider category of the International Food Exhibition held in London in 1999. More recently, it has also launched Milestone 100 Whiskey and White Fox Vodka, evidently making a promising foray into the premium category liquors in the country. It has signed Bollywood Actor Manoj Bajpai as the brand ambassador for Milestone 100 to egg consumers to go for more, 'Thoda Aur!' as the tagline suggests. Milestone 100 is indeed a fine blend of premium grain whiskeys and original scotch malts casked in Scotland. It comes in a unique and attractive octagonal glass bottle. White Fox Vodka on the other hand is a fine triple distilled grain vodka prepared exclusively using state-of-the-art porous carbon filtration technology.
With an already strong distribution network, its imminent collaboration with Falcon Traders in Goa will enable the company to push into the Goan market with not only brands of its own but other brands too. Although Madhya Pradesh accounts for a bulk of its market, where it boasts of a 36% market share in beer and an 19% market share in IMFL, Som Group brands have gained a promising foothold in other states such as Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Pondicherry among others. Under the hood, the company is also keenly developing its export markets in Haiti, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Sudan, Ghana, Mombasa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Zambia, Mozambique, Seychelles, and New Zealand. The company has been included in the Forbes 200 Asia-Pacific for its sustained financial performance and growth.

Liquor Cabinet

Whiskey Beer Gin Vodka Rum Brandy
Milestone 100
Hunter Super Strong Premium
Blue Chip Extra Dry
White Fox Black Fort
Doctors Brandy
Legend Premium
Legend Premium Lager
21st Century Blue Chip Sunny  
GS Genius
Woodpecker Lager
2Ist Century Pure Malted
Power Cool
Sunny Malted          




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