Tête-à-Tête with Winemaker Pachpatil by All About Daru’s Nupur Joshi

We would like to know your first memory associated with Wine?

When Winemaker Pachpatil completed his masters in Science , he was working in Gujarat Narmada Fertilizers & once on his visit back home to Pimpalgaon to meet his parents, he met the Chairman Mr More of Pimpani wines (estd in 1988)who offered him to work as a chemist in his lab & get trained under their winemaker. This is the time when Winemaker Pradeep started his training under Jaw Manuel Jacquino that lasted 3 years & this was his first ever association with wine.

At that point Winemaker Pradeep decided that he wants to have his own winery someday & make great wines.

Your favorite wines – One Indian & one Imported?


In Indian wines, it definitely is Soma Sauvignon Blanc Gold which is a very unique & a completely new world styled wine. Has tasting notes of Melon & Guava.

His favourite imported wine is Chateau Latour Shiraz, which he had in 1988. This wine is all about the passion & dedication of making wines in small batches & of superior quality.

Your all time favorite grape variety & wine region.

All time favorite grape varieties are Chenin & Sauvignon Blanc in the whites & Shiraz in Reds.

Favorite region is Lanseria from South Africa & also likes Bordeaux region of France.

Wine drinking trends abroad & in India… How would you like to change or maybe create awareness about Wines in India?

Using same ingredient (as in grape) but using different styles of wine making or blending of old & new world style & creating something unique is the trend that Winemaker Pachpatil wants to create awareness by. His many years of experience of working in the best wineries, has helped him to gain a lot of confidence in this experimentation which has brought out this lovely brand!!

Somananda vineyards what does it mean, & tell us a bit about your unique style of winemaking?

The Somananda has been derived from the shorter versions of his family members’ names. His Father’s name is Somnath & mothers name is Mandakini & his daughter`s name is Achal, his son`s name is Omkar & his wife`s name is Manju… So Somananda wines is a mix of all the names of the people that he loves.

Somananada wines are a boutique winery, it’s a family business & everyone works during harvest time.

Tell us something about you as a winemaker that people aren`t aware of?

Initially he used to work as a winemaker in Indage.

As a winemaker he believes more on tasting the grapes first & then deciding to blend & create a wine.

Your wine making mentor is?

Jaw Manuel Jacquino & Kerry Demski.

How do you see the impact of alcohol awareness website such as All About Daru on social stigmas & misconceptions related to alcohol in India?

This website is a great concept which speaks about what to drink & how to drink in moderation. This website will surely help in creating awareness with regards to Wines!! This will help people make a conscious decision before they order or decide what to drink!!

Rapid Fire:-

Your All Time favorite Wine Bar in India & Abroad? In India it is Olive or Ingo restaurant in Mumbai. In London it is Cele Pepe which means Celebrate & Drink!!

One place you have been yearning to visit to try the wines of? New Zealand Wines especially the Whites. I wish to try the wines there because a lot of the people say that our wines at Soma are very similar to the wines there.

To come to an end to this interview – Any pointers for the young & upcoming Winemakers? Be hand`s on & always experiment as only then will you be able to create something unique.


Founder | Somananda Vineyards

Mr. Pradeep Pachpatil’s, Founder of Somanda Vineyards, takes pride in his personal involvement in every aspect of the venture - from planting the vines to designing the winery, working out the production process to designing the wine labels and logo. His expertise in winemaking is evident from his wine portfolio which represents a range of wines from a selection of grape varieties. He has discovered that by following different production techniques, different styles of wines can be produced from a single grape variety.




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