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How many times have you cursed yourself for drinking the previous night?

The pounding in your head, your glassy bloodshot eyes; body aches et all! Well, every vice has its retrogression's, the ones that come with boozing can be very taxing! Here’s a bunch of ways to cure that hangover and make you feel better, but first, let’s begin with a cliché; “prevention is better than cure!”It’s not enough to drink and have a good time; certain precautions need to be kept in mind! Below is a list of safeguards you can undertake in order to prevent a hangover,

  1. Eat, eat and eat! You know how they always had bread with their wine in the Bible? Well, it’s for a reason! Make sure you eat a ton while drinking, especially food that’ll soak the booze well.
  2. Drink a lot of fluids, and by fluids, don’t let your mind wander off to the dreamy world of spirits! Drink a lot of water, juice, anything that’ll prevent you from getting dehydrated. If you like your scotch straight up, down a liter of water before bed. Trust us, it’ll go a long way! Also, avoid mixing drinks with carbonated beverages, it just adds to the dehydration.
  3. Go the Greek way and have a spoon of olive oil before you drink! It might sound a little strange, and if you’re not up for it, eat fatty foods. Fat and oil slow down the alcohol absorption rate in your body, leading to less of a hangover in the morning.
  4. Avoid the extra drink! No, we’re not trying to be like your parents, but not pushing the limit is the surest way of preventing a hangover.
  5. Don’t mix drinks! The golden rule of having a good time. Yes, it might sound like a wild idea to chase that Tequila shot with a Long Island Ice Tea, well, we’ll see what you think of that in the morning!

So you did everything in the list and you've still got the equivalent of a loud drummer inside your head. What do you do? Well, alcohol takes a certain amount of time to pass through the body, and therefore, there’s two things you can do, speed up your metabolism and look for momentary relief from the symptoms of a hangover. Here are a few ways you can do that,

  1. Drink water! Yes, this is something you do before bed and the morning after. Remember, you’ll feel absolutely miserable until you’re rehydrated, so drink as much water as you can.
  2. If you have orange or lemon juice, try that, unless your stomach is too upset to ingest it.
  3. Give some bouillon soup a try to restore Sodium and Potassium.
  4. Eat simple. You don’t want to wallop a biryani when you've got a hangover, stick to the basics. Eggs contain cysteine, which will help cure hangover symptoms, milk is more food than water, it’ll hydrate you and give you some calcium; that should definitely help you get out of your misery.
  5. Another thing you might want to try is burnt toast. The burnt part supplies your body with Carbon that helps filter impurities.
  6. Exercise! As outlandish as it might seem, exercising when you have a hangover can only help! It increases metabolism, which helps the alcohol exit your body quicker and provides oxygen, which speeds up the detoxification process. If you’re not up for rigorous exercise, at-least take a walk in the fresh air and tank up on that oxygen!
  7. A vitamin B-complex tablet should be handy when you drink. Drinking robs you of your vitamins, so this will definitely help ease the misery. Thiamine also helps by reducing the buildup of glutarate in the brain, which is associated with the intense headaches you’re likely to get.
  8. Sip on some ginger tea, it’ll help combat the nausea.
  9. Coffee is the preferred drink for a lot of people, but remember that caffeine only acts as a stimulant, not a cure. Nobody’s denying you your placebos though!

A lot of people would swear that the best way to get rid of a hangover is to sip on a beer. Well, hello alcoholism! The best way to prevent a hangover, though, is to not drink! But we all know that that’s not happening! Just follow the few simple rules of the game and you should be fine!



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