Tête-à-Tête with Goa Excise commissioner Mr. Dsouza

How are the rates of Liquor so affordable in Goa in comparison to other states? As in Vat.

Affordable because they are low, I have been the Goa Excise commissioner since last three years & the history shows that the liquor rates have been low, that’s why market is doing well for Goa and sale to other states has been good.

What is the state permit to buy liquor within Goa & also to carry liquor out of the state?

Within Goa when you purchase liquor then you are permitted to buy 12 bottles of IMFL & 24 bottles of beer. But when you carry liquor to another state then the rules of that state are applied, some states allow certain bottles & some don`t at all. We also allow public drinking but that has to be responsible drinking without disturbing the peace of the state.

I have sent across letters to various excise heads to permit some bottles of alcohol but as of now we haven`t received any reverts as yet.

Why aren`t Goa made spirits & liqueurs being sold in other states?

Feni is a country liquor & that`s why other states don`t allow it within their states. We are trying to find a way to register it under a certain category that will allow it to be sold across India.

If other Goa spirits & liqueurs are being marketed & exported within India then the effort of registering the label in that state can be made. The label needs to be registered in that state & only then these can be sold there. The only reason why the rates of Goa made spirits & liqueurs is high is due to the taxation in that state where it is being sold & not in Goa.

We at allaboutdaru.com are keen to create awareness regarding Feni on our website? Please give us your inputs & suggestions on the same?

A website like www.allaboutdaru.com is a great initiative to create awareness. However what we have done is that we have registered Feni as a GI, according to which no other state apart from Goa can make Feni & also this registration has brought about the local Feni distillers to keep a certain standard when they are producing the liquor, that too should be done without adding any extra spirit to it. We have done a lot to keep up creating Premium Feni , however other states should also allow to promote this product within their state.

Via the Darupeedia section on your website, when you are imparting information for various Goan products, that will be good because when distributors from other states wish to get Feni & other Goan Spirits under their label, they should be able to create a substantial sale for that product so that it is affordable for the manufacturer to register the label in that state.

Also, as an Excise Commissioner of Goa, what is the change you would like to see in Goa, in terms of regulations related to Alcohol business/industry?

Alcohol is highly taxed & revision of tax is something that I wish to do. I wish to stop illegal bootlegging of liquor in Goa & wish to promote the ones who are genuine & help them to grow their business. We are also trying to stop manufacture of adulterated liquor. We wish to manufacture & promote quality liquor at an affordable rate so that the deaths caused by drinking poor quality alcohol are nil. This also curbs abusive drinking & promotes responsible drinking.

What do you think about the website allaboutdaru.com & do you think this kind of awareness is needed amongst the youth of India?

It is a great initiative to create awareness regarding Goa made Spirits & Liquor; our distillers here will definitely appreciate this & hopefully in the next few years the market will expand & our products will be exported & sold all over India, not just in Goa.

Menino D'Souza

Goa Excise commissioner



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