Drinking and Social Situation

Drinking and Social Situation

Parties, gatherings or certain events expect people to enjoy and have a merry time. More often than not, such social situations come with the bind of drinking and socialising with each other.

Drinks are a part of social gatherings as they help break the ice and get people to talk more comfortably. However, they are not a necessity and sometimes result in encouraged drinking and over-drinking resulting in drastic consequences.

Some may choose to not drink at all who are then forced by their friends and colleagues to join them in enjoying the party. A stigma is associated with being sober in a drinks party which leads others to believe that a sober person is not enjoying the party. In order to tackle this tactfully and not break the mood of the party, there are certain ways where a person can work with this situation;

  1. Hold a beverage in your hand and say that it is a cocktail mixed with vodka or whisky.
  2. Mention that you already have had one too many and now you are just winding down with a simple soft beverage.
  3. Say that you have just had one and will have another in some time.

Handling social interactions in such situations can be a trifle as others might not understand why you are not drinking and try to get you to drink one.

It is best to take such actions in a friendly stride and switch the topic of conversation. It is even fine to joke that you are a teetotaller since you get drunk very soon.

If ever it may arise that a drink has to be consumed, opt for a low-alcohol beer mug and sip on it throughout the night.

Social situations highlight your social presence. It is always advised to be at your best even if that might mean giving up on free drinks.



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