Drinking and Driving

Drinking and Driving

Parties and night-outs are a weekly affair these days. Most of them are at eateries and restaurants and some are at pubs, lounges and bars, too. This then gives rise to circumstances of drinking and driving.

Drunk driving is a cognizable offence in India punishable by a fine ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 10000 as well as an imprisonment from 6 months to 4 years.

The permissible alcohol level in blood is 30mg in 100ml blood.

Apart from it being a legal offence, drinking and driving is dangerous and harmful both to the driver as well as the society at large.

The permissible alcohol level cannot be used to decide how much a person can drink and still manage to drive. The alcohol absorption and levels depends on the person’s weight, age, gender, metabolism, the type of alcohol, the amount of alcohol and also the consumption of food before or during drinking. One drink or two, any amount of alcohol in your bloodstream tends to affect your motor-neural pathways and your alertness which are both essential while driving.

Under the influence of alcohol, the brain takes longer to process the signals it receives from the eyes and ears. This consequently leads to delayed decision making. The information sometimes seems incomprehensible and, therefore, takes longer to be processed. Furthermore, the signals that are sent by the brain to the muscles of the body to respond to a certain situation are delayed. This then results in the reaction of the body to be slower and inaccurate.

It is always recommended to have a friend who isn’t drunk and can drop one home safely. If the road connectivity to the residence is good, one may opt for a bus or a rickshaw to get home safe.

In case one is left with no option other than to drive back themselves, it is advised to stick to zero-alcohol beers or mocktails for that night-out.



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