Drinking and Depression

Drinking and Depression

Consumption of alcoholic beverages results in the mind calming down, relaxing and a satisfied feeling. This works best at parties or after a hectic time at work. But sometimes, alcohol becomes the only feel-good entity in a person’s life. Especially someone who is grappling with depression.

Alcohol consumption itself can also be a cause for depression. The tendency to drink more results in feeling more depressed which then results in more drinking in order to relieve oneself of that anxiety.

A depressed person is looking for a way to handle the problems and situations of life and alcohol seems like the easiest way to do so. Alcohol consumption also affects the brain and neural pathways and causes the levels of serotonin to go down. This chemical is essential for the feeling of well-being in a person.

Drinking during depression can very well cause the tendency to become addicted to alcohol consumption which then leads to alcohol abuse. One then starts feeling the need to feel better all the time and starts consuming alcohol on a regular basis, well beyond the safe limits.

This alcohol drinking then causes splitting hangovers and lethargy in the body. This condition causes the person to underperform at work and causes strains in relationships with people.

Such things then further the cause of depression causing the person to feel even more saddened and hopeless which results in further alcohol consumption to get rid of the feeling. This vicious cycle grapples the person and it becomes difficult to wean away from it and can result in mental psychosis or suicidal tendencies.


  1. If you or someone you know if sad or depressed, you or they should refrain from consuming alcohol
  2. Spend caring time or go out for dinner and have fun in different ways
  3. Enjoy and relax without the need of alcohol




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