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Binge Drinking

Having a night of drinks and enjoyment with friends is a lovely time. Most of us consume alcoholic beverages only on such occasions. However, there are times when such once-in-a-while drinking prospect can be harmful if resorted to binge drinking.

Drinks are generally taken at someone’s party, a reunion or just to unwind on a Friday night or a weekend. Binge drinking is widely observed with the youth. This could be on a regular basis or even occasionally. When an alcoholic beverage is consumed in large amounts that crosses the safe limit of alcohol consumption, that is called as binge drinking.

Binge drinking is not simply restricted to the amount of alcohol. It is also linked to the time period over which it is consumed. Three glasses of whisky might not seem much if they are spread over the night, accompanied by food, snacks, other beverages and water. However, those three glasses if consumed quickly, within half an hour or so, could yield disastrous results.

Drinking quickly and hurriedly, drinking more than the safe limits regularly or drinking simply to get drunk as soon as possible and not relax are clear signs of binge drinking. Binge drinking is harmful as it:

  1. Disturbs mind to body co-ordination and can result in falls, accidents or even worse
  2. Can cause alcohol poisoning, vomiting, and unconsciousness even
  3. Effects mood and short-term memory, causing mental health problems

Binge drinking may seem like fun if one is not a regular drinker. However, those occasional binge drinking indulgences can be dangerous as well.



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