In the usual times of drinking and having fun, one may not realise when they’ve crossed the line from social drinking to harmful drinking. When alcohol consumption wavers away from relaxation and becomes a tool for handling difficult situations, the person is veering into the dangerous territory of alcoholism.

Alcoholism or alcohol abuse is an addiction of alcohol. The factors governing it could be genetic but are usually surrounding situations and social circles. Drinking alcoholic beverages for recreational purposes has become a common presence in our lives. Therefore, the appearance of the following symptoms could be a sign that one is tending towards alcoholism;

  1. The feeling of guilt or shame and the need to hide about drinking.
  2. The need to drink in order to feel relaxed or better on a regular basis.
  3. Neglecting responsibilities of self and family, underperformance at work.
  4. Incapability of cutting down on the amount of drinks.
  5. Stressed lives and relationships where alcohol consumption is the primary cause.

Sometimes, a person can be perfectly normal and yet not realise the tendency towards alcohol dependency. The person feels compelled to have a drink more than often. Some typical signs of alcohol dependency are:

  1. Requiring more amounts of alcohol to feel buzzed or “high” than usual.
  2. Feeling anxious, depressed and withdrawal symptoms when deprived of a drink.
  3. A desire to reduce drinking but the inability to do so.
  4. Blaming other people or circumstances for the reason to drink.

Generally, a person refuses to believe that over-drinking is a problem. These are rationalized by saying one consumes only wine or beer, or not having drink everyday and drinking is not an addiction unlike drug abuse.

An alcoholic person requires love and support in order to withdraw from the condition. An individual has to make the choice on their own and support and understanding from their loved ones is extremely helpful. 



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